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The Meaning of Life in 7 Sentences

1 God created us to enjoy Him and enjoy each other in meaningful partnership and mission for all of eternity.

2 Sin came through man’s unbelief in God’s word, which brought death and disorder into every sphere of life.

3 God loved the world so much that He gave us His Son, Jesus, so that we might believe in Him and be restored to God the Father and eternal living.

4 He who trusts in Christ, the Living Word, is re-born spiritually, forgiven of sin and given the Holy Spirit so that we can overcome sin and live the life He created us to live.

5 Jesus is Lord, and He is coming back to re-unite Heaven with a renewed Earth.

6 Jesus has won the battle over evil, and He leads His people in His victory in this life and the life to come.

7 Let’s get to work worshipping God in Christ, enjoying eternal, Spirit-filled living with each other and restoring God’s order in the world until He returns.
Now, why didn’t God explain it to us like that? 7 sentences can’t describe Him: Who is He? Why is sin such a big deal? How does He want to relate to us? Can you give us any pointers on this journey?

A picture paints a thousand words – and a story fills in the blanks so that we see the details and understand the big picture.

Through God’s story in the written word, the Bible, the Living Word, Jesus is revealed. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be fully satisfied in Christ and live lives filled with meaning and purpose.