Justin McFarland, Chiapas Mexico

Our work in Chiapas, Mexico is rooted in the biblical concept of fellowship or communion of the saints found in the book of Acts. We also assert that the most effective ministries are those that are indigenous in nature. Thus we strive to build relationships with kingdom-minded, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered believers from the region who demonstrate integrity over time with whom we may partner. Because we consider our ministry a fellowship, our emphasis is to strengthen the local churches of Chiapas and the leaders thereof, so that they may more effectively serve their cultural context with the Kingdom and Culture of our Lord Jesus. In the past this partnership has involved Spanish literacy training, Biblical literacy training, construction projects, thematic seminars, children's outreach programs, as well as a number of other approaches to empowerment. We are constantly dialoguing with our partners in ministry, seeking new, creative ways to serve their needs. To date, we have been blessed to be a part of establishing one church and assisting that church with a new church plant.  Contact Justin McFarland