Associate Pastor

Justin has served over 16 years in diverse ministry contexts within the evangelical church, from music and worship to preaching/teaching, from discipleship to foreign missions in the Spanish context. He has enjoyed being in Mason and serving at River of Life in various capacities since 2006. He currently fills the role of associate pastor, assisting the church in its growth on many fronts such as worship, student ministry, and discipleship. Justin oversees an ongoing mission project in Chiapas, Mexico

Justin received his BA in Biblical studies from Howard Payne University in 2003 and completed a M.Ed. with an emphasis in bilingual instruction from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2006. Through education, Justin has discovered many passions that God has used as tools to advance His Kingdom. Second language acquisition (Spanish), theology, pedagogy, and philosophy have all been woven together to create a unique platform from which to live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Justin’s life vision statement is to 'live in order to establish the Kingdom of God and its culture by following Jesus Christ’s model of imparting the Gospel and its discourse.' In short, the church is called to actively be the ‘family of God’ here and now. Everything Justin does, from being a father and husband to teaching in public education or serving in ministry, is directly connected to this simple approach to loving and serving God.

Justin is passionate about enjoying life with his wife, Heather, three daughters and son. Together they soak up the beauty of God’s creation through hiking, camping, rock climbing, and pretty much anything else that will take them outdoors. Justin is also committed to the continuous advancement of skills and virtue in Biblical studies, language, and music. He firmly believes in ‘getting it right’ when it comes to communicating the Gospel by whatever means available. The Gospel is so much more than ‘getting to Heaven.’ When we understand it correctly, life in Jesus Christ changes everything, enriches everything- family, work, recreation, ministry. The abundant life is for the ‘here and now!’ Justin believes it is our call to learn to live it.